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From Highlands Elementary…


I would like to thank the organization responsible for sending food donations home with children in need.  One of my students is a recipient of this generous program.  My student, who I will refer to as TG for privacy reasons, has changed dramatically since he began taking donations of food home with him to enjoy with his family.


TG used to come to school and have a very difficult time staying on task.  His rate of learning was very slow.  When breakfast and lunch were delivered to the classroom, TG could hardly contain himself.  He couldn't wait to be called to the table to eat.  He always ate very fast, as if he had to fill his belly before the food was gone.  TG always asked for more food, he seemed to always be hungry.  His behavior was worrisome too.  He was typically anxious, noncompliant, fussy, and easily disappointed which would lead to multiple tantrums.  He really didn't care about anything other than eating, it seemed.


After TG began taking the food donations home, he began to change.  His attention to learning tasks improved.  He began to retain information, he was learning!  He was not always looking out for the breakfast or lunch to be delivered and took his time eating during mealtime.  He became more capable physically and mentally.  Patience and acts of kindness have replaced the tantrums and noncompliance.  He even began to vocalize and try to say words.  He looks at me with satisfaction instead of emptiness.  TG cannot talk, although he is going on 5 years old, but I can see in his eyes he is very grateful.


It's amazing what a big difference a simple thing like a little bag full of tuna, macaroni and cheese, rice and oatmeal can do to improve the quality of one little boy's life.  I had no idea that real hunger exists in an average American city, but it does.  For TG and all the other children and families who now have a full belly and the strength to focus on all the other challenges they need to face, thank you so much for the suitcases filled with food!



TG's Teacher

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