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This program has brought awareness of the childhood and family hunger issues Osceola County students face on the weekends. Our large family-sized meal packages allow for students to have consistent sources of food when they have little over the weekends. Teachers and other educational support staff have shared with us that this program has become transformational in the lives of their students. We appreciate the partnership with the Osceola County greater community!



On May 16, 2015, over 300 volunteers and community members packed "snack packs" to be distributed to food pantries and schools around Osceola County.  The 15,000 snack packs packed will be given to over 1,200 Osceola County students with hunger issues, providing nutritional sustenence during their summer break. With the help of the local community, we raised $22,500 to combat childhood hunger in Osceola County.


In 2012, 2013, and 2014, the citizens of Osceola County came together to volunteer at our most extensive meal packing event yet. The community packed over 800,000 lentil, rice, dried vegetables, and sea salt casserole meals for our county's children facing hunger issues. The 22 pallets of meals were distributed to agencies, food pantries, and the Osceola County School District. We are extremely thankful for the continuous support of our community members and partners in combating childhood hunger.   

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