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We have been featured in the following publications:






Number of Osceola homeless children on the rise

Posted December 1, 2014








Refreshing and inspiring to see good deeds in the community

Posted on May 10, 2014






4 million meals, 400 dogs, 180,000 patients: humanitarian milestones in Orlando

Posted May 6, 2014






Packing meals for children with hunger issues in Osceola County

Posted May 3, 2014












500,000 meals for Osceola County kids

Posted April 18, 2014








Group looks to double meal packing effort

Posted April 8, 2014






Your help needed to pack 500,000 meals this year!

Posted April 3, 2014







Homeless Osceola children receiving food from the work of local volunteers

Posted March 17, 2014








Local nonprofits asking for help to feed hungry school children

Posted July 27, 2013






Meal packing event recognized

Posted July 3, 2013







Volunteers help eliminate childhood hunger

Posted June 3, 2013




Volunteers pack 250K meals for hungry families

Posted May 5, 2013






Commissioner's Corner

Posted May 3, 2013







Feeding Osceola's children one meal at a time

Posted April 26, 2013







Dates set for meal preparation; help and donations needed

Posted March 23, 2012








How a 25-cent casserole is helping feed kids everywhere

Posted March 21, 2012









Groups help feed homeless students over spring break

Posted March 14, 2012

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