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February 2012: Celebration Health food drive was the first event hosted by what would become Osceola Connected


March 2012: Worked with the School District and partnered with local non-profits to help homeless or precariously-housed students in Osceola County


April 2012: Received $10,000 from Edyth Bush Charitable Fund to purchase food for Osceola County students during spring break 


May 2012: Osceola Connected is founded as a coalition of organizations with one goal: to help children in need in Osceola County 


May 2012: Partnered with Feeding Children Everywhere to package 250,000 healthy meals of rice and lentil casserole for schools and crisis food pantries throughout Osceola County


August 2012: BB&T donation of $200,000 launches Osceola Schools Food Project/Learning Without Hunger


October 2012: 380 Cases of Nature Valley Snack Bars were delivered to nurses in Osceola Schools to help quell student hunger pains during the day


May 2013: Packed 250,000 healthy rice lentil meals


September 2013: Over 1,000 pairs of sneakers delivered to Education Foundation


May 2014: Packed 300,000 healthy rice lentil meals


May 2014: Supported the Osceola County School District's 100,000 Summer Literacy Book Challenge


May 2015: Packed 15,000 snack packs for Osceola children


May 2015: Launched Osceola Connected Scholarship Program partnering with the Education Foundation to provide two $2,000 scholarships to graduating FIT students going on to higher learning

September 2016: Delivered snack pallets to every elementary school in Osceola County School District, totaling 26 pallets

August 2017 - May 2018: The Celebration Foundation ordered and delivered 40 pallets of weekend food  to Osceola County Schools for children with hunger issues


August 2017 - May 2018: Osceola County Partners distributed weekend food to over 1,000 children every week during the school year

September 2018: The Celebration Foundation, with a grant from Florida Hospital Foundation, purchased 25 pallets of snacks which were sent to every elementary school in Osceola County

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